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Montessori kids are happy kids

What is The Montessori Method?

Who was Dr. Maria Montessori?

What is unique about a Montessori education?

Why should I choose an American Montessori Society Accredited Montessori school? What does it mean to be Accredited?


What are the differences between an Authentic Montessori school and a corporate "Montessori Inspired" school?

Why should we consider Montessori for the Kindergarten Year?

25 reasons to keep your child in Montessori through the kindergarten year


What are the differences between Montessori elementary school and traditional elementary schools?

What do Montessori Elementary students study and do?

I understand that the North Shore Montessori Schools teach Grace and Courtesy and respect for others.  Do your schools also have a bullying policy?  Yes – all schools in Illinois are required to have a bullying policy.  Our can be found here.

Our infant care, preschool, kindergarten and elementary schools are all nationally accredited
We are Nationally Accredited!

Not all Montessori schools are the same! Of the hundreds of Montessori schools in Illinois, all of our campuses are among only a select few that are nationally accredited by the American Montessori Society, at the highest level of excellence! Come see our beautiful campuses and experience the North Shore Montessori Schools difference. Click here to learn more about nationally accredited Montessori schools.
Visit and take a tour of our Montessori Schools
Take A Tour

Visit our classrooms at any time of the day and you're going to see smiling, happy children. Come and see why we have been parents' favorite schools in the North Shore for over 50 years. Contact our Admissions Office at (847) 945-8661 for additional information or to schedule a school tour.