Carolyn Kambich
American Montessori Society (AMS) Awards "Living Legacy"
The AMS announced that their distinguished AMS 2016 Living Legacy is Carolyn Kambich, founder of North Shore Montessori Schools (formerly "Deerfield Montessori Schools"). The AMS Living Legacy is an annual tribute to an individual whose dedication and leadership has made a lasting impact on the AMS community. Carolyn's impact on the AMS community hasn't been limited to the Illinois region -- learn more about how her organization of a Montessori study group in 1965 led to 50 years of excellence at the North Shore Montessori Schools and the Kambich family's international Montessori outreach.

About Carolyn Kambich
Learn more about Carolyn and Maria Montessori during this video, which was shown before Carolyn's speech accepting this distinguished award at the annual AMS Convention in Chicago on March 10, 2016.
Christine and Joseph Olanya with Tony and Carolyn Kambich in Uganda
Montessori Outreach: Africa
Tony and Carolyn Kambich's trip to Africa in 1998 allowed the Kambiches to share the news and their enthusiasm about Montessori. As a result, some of the Africans became interested in the Montessori approach to education and three African teachers came to do their Montessori internship at the North Shore Montessori Schools in 1999. In 2001, the Victoria Montessori School was founded by Christine and Joseph Olanya. read more
Carolyn's Legacy
Here are a few of the many messages of congratulations that Carolyn has received upon receiving the Living Legacy:

"As a staff member of North Shore Montessori Schools I am so thrilled that you have been recognized for all you have done not only with Montessori Education in Illinois but also internationally. I have worked with you and I know how much the children, families and staff in your schools mean to you. You are always finding new ways to expand the children's minds and always observing each child’s growth to see what else can be done to inspire them. I think more people need to hear your story of how it all began because you certainly can teach us all many lessons – 1) take chances, 2) if you have a vision, follow through,3) never give up and 4) always stay true to yourself. I can say that I am truly honored to be working with you. You are one of a kind, Carolyn – truly inspiring!"
--Staff Member,
North Shore Montessori Schools

"Carolyn, you have done so much for Montessori not only in Illinois but in other parts of the world. You have enriched so many lives with your expertise and commitment to Montessori tenets and the whole child. You are very compassionate educator as well. We are so happy for you in this honor; it is well deserved!"
--Mother of Four North Shore Montessori Alumni

"Thank you Carolyn for sharing your passion for Montessori education internationally. Your work here and in Uganda is changing lives. I am inspired by your diligence and involvement in the lives of others."
--Fellow Montessori Educator

"Mrs. Carolyn Kambich and Tony Kambich have been my greatest mentors since 1999. They recruited us, my sister Christine Kijange of Victoria Montessori School & Kmapala Montessori School in (2012) and Olwal Montessori School in (2013) in Northern Uganda being headed by me (Lanam Kijange), respectively. What a courageous lady she is. An inspiration to us all! (Ugandans). Not only that, her work will touch East and Central African states soon as South Sudan will be bringing student teachers for training at Olwal Montessori School. God bless..."
--Lanam Kijange
Kampala, Uganda (Africa)
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