child care for infants as young as 3 months old and toddlers at MontessoriInfants, Toddlers, and Two Year Olds

Each precious child -- living, loving, learning each day -- is a gift to this world.

The First Years

Dr. Maria Montessori observed what current research supports -- that is, the foundation for lifelong learning and a happy, whole child is developed in the first few years of life. When the basic physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of a very young child are consistently, respectfully, and joyfully met, the child learns to trust. Feeling safe and secure, he can the begin to explore all the wonders of his own self and world. His experiences shape his impressions as he builds himself and grows. Essential to this process is the consistent loving presence of a respectful, observant, knowledgeable adult. Also of great importance is a "prepared environment" that supports the child's natural developmental stages.

Experienced Montessori teachers and staffMovement and Language are Highlighted

The development of movement and language are highlighted during the first three years of life.

The First Three Years of Life

Repetition of movements refines capabilities. By removing many of the containers that restrain the child's movements and instead providing items such as small low beds, tables, and chairs, and specially designed large muscle equipment, we encourage the child to safely and fully develop movements.

practical daily living activities develop coordination, independence, and confidenceMovement and Daily Living Activities

Participation in practical daily living activities further develops coordination and independence.

Kids love North Shore Montessori School classesLanguage: The Connecting Link of Society

Many children become fluent in their native tongue (and other languages as well if there is exposure) by the age of three. The youngest child observes and absorbs everything that goes on with and around him. By verbalizing with and for the child, expanding his vocabulary, singing and engaging in conversation, we encourage language development in a variety of ways. When the child is able to express himself verbally, he becomes connected with the entire world and is ready to take the next step in independence.

children can explore nature while learning independence
Fun Exploring: Indoors and Outdoors

So much goes on in the daily lives of our youngest children in our Montessori environment with each child being respected and assisted in his or her individual development. Strong in spirit, treading joyfully along the pathway of life - this is how we live together with the little ones in our Montessori community.

children naturally learn from their surroundingsMontessori Education - "An Assist to Life"

A Montessori education is based on scientific observations made by Dr. Montessori of the young child. Dr. Montessori said, "It is simply an assist to life." She noted that young children learn with great ease by simply "absorbing" like a sponge everything to which they are exposed, rather than learning through logical analysis. This is called the absorbent mind.

Dr. Montessori found that there are periods during which the energy of the child's total being seems to be focused on a particular stage of development such as walking, talking, writing, and reading. These are called sensitive periods.

children learn at their own rhythm within the prepared learning environmentLearning At Your Own Rhythm

In a Montessori classroom, the prepared learning environment is designed to support these sensitive periods of the children and allow them to easily learn at their own individual rhythm.

Accredited by the American Montessori SocietyFully Accredited

Of the hundreds of Montessori schools in Illinois, all of our campuses are among only a handful that are nationally accredited by the American Montessori Society, at this highest level of excellence!

children naturally learn from their surroundingsEnrollment

Visit our classrooms at any time of the day and you're going to see smiling, happy children. So much goes on in the daily lives of our youngest children in the Montessori environment, with each child being respected and assisted in his or her individual development.

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