50+ Years of Academic Success, Happy Children

Montessori infant care is more than a daycare
Infants, Toddlers/2s
The foundation for life-long learning is developed in the first few years of life. Our infant care begins at 3 months and focuses on the young child's physical, emotional and social needs.
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preschool in Deerfield, Lincolnshire, Riverwoods and Glenview
3-6 Year Olds
Every little success throughout the young child's day helps build self-confidence and develop knowledge.
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Deerfield Kindergarten, kindergarten classes for half day and full day
Storytelling, art, movement & dance, and singing are a part of everyday life at the Deerfield - North Shore Montessori Schools. Our kindergarten classes are custom-tailored to meet and exceed local and national academic requirements.
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private elementary school at Montessori
Elementary School
Hands-on learning and self-paced curriculum are just a few of the ways Montessori Elementary is different from neighborhood schools. Help them exceed their own expectations and experience a Montessori elementary education.
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Summer camp fun in Riverwoods and Lincolnshire
Summer Camp
So much fun, they don't even realize they're also learning! Swim lessons, field trips, hands-on learning, experiencing nature, art, music and more!
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advanced classes in math, music, science and more
Advanced classes are also available in music, math, foreign languages, science, art and more, including piano lessons and chess.
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Our Classes...

  • Whether a child needs some extra practice on the basics or is ready for advanced curriculum, our Montessori Education allows each student to learn and progress at their own pace.
  • For students who are ready to progress more rapidly than their peers, we offer advanced curriculum options, including advanced science and math, advanced languages, specialized art courses and private music instruction.
  • A parent recently told us that her daughter is sad when the weekends come, because she doesn't want to miss school!
  • Contact our Admissions Office to schedule a tour or to learn more about our school. We are currently accepting applications for enrollment!